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Have a ship exclusively for your company. For a period of time that usually makes with the 7 nights of the cruise. Due from the need to adjust to the current parameters of the cruise sector, with regular itineraries of 7 nights in its main lines of departure for the Western and Eastern Mediterranean from May to the end of October, November.


On certain selected dates we’ll be choose with the positioning of the Vessels from the winter season zones to the Mediterranean, with enough time to access a 3.4-night charter. In the last two years a shipowner has started the 3.4 -days ‘s cruise route from Barcelona from May to the end of June.


It will depend on the number of participants. The greater the number of passengers, the greater the viability in the operation. Why? the average number of spaces per ship built since 2000 is approximately 2.000 beds per construction. However, construction vessels over the 70/80 years will allow us accessibility to ships with a capacity of 500/800 passengers.

When the number of participants matches 95% with the number of beds on board, we will undoubtedly receive the best quality-price ratio in luxury and semi-luxury products currently available in the national and international market. This and many other points can only be analyzed and resolved by a maritime expert. Only 200 years of tradition and 20 years of experience in the national and international cruise sector can give the answer, that is, we must have access to the entire existing world fleet and therefore direct contact with all Shipowners. This fact will determine the good result and the viability of the operation.



We bring all our tradition and experience
in the following fields


National and international maritime legislation Advice on the contractual relationship Owner - Company Direct Contact with all International Shipowners Annual Advice - Biannual prior to the event in Direct Marketing Advertising and communication associated with the operation.

Advantages of the Full charter The company has its own Ship. The ship is your advertiser. Indoor advertising: product exhibition, exhibition of campaigns Outdoor advertising: in each port of call.

The Ship as the only means of transport in contact with the Sea, Natural Environment We offer during the event: Fun, culture, training, haute cuisine and unique shows, and a sense of luxury and therefore exclusivity. Excellent combination for the creation of unique sensations.

Our team of economists is at your entire disposal. Before - during and after the event our specialized team in all fields will aim to guarantee the excellent result in the operation and maintain a direct line of communication with the company.

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